December 20, 2017



What we expect most from going on a holiday is, of course, the well-deserved vacation. Usually when we opt for travelling abroad, we must take into consideration how we will remain connected to the internet. Usually, phone carriers charge immense fees for roaming internet, this being the main reason why we tend to use the public WIFI offered by various places such as restaurants or hotels to assist us with our internet while being overseas. Foreign tourists encounter many challenges that leave them vulnerable to WIFI attacks. Here are the top 5 disadvantages of using free public WIFI networks that will make you think twice before logging onto them again.

The Top 5 disadvantages of using free public WIFI networks

1.) Security

The major downside of using a free public WIFI is for sure related to its security. Various airport departure lounges, train stations, hotels or cafes provide `hot spot` wireless networking services in order to keep your devices connected. But, despite the multitude of advantages that wireless has over wired networks, a major security problem arises when it comes to connecting yourself to such internet networks. Hence, this is the reason why you should always take into consideration the fact that wireless transmissions are vulnerable to attacks by unauthorised users. It is best to avoid using public WIFI, but if it’s really necessary we would best recommend that you secure your mobile devices with passwords in order to minimize the risk of your data being stolen.

2.) Interference coverage

Almost all public WIFI networks come with interference problems due to the multitude of users connected to them. Hence, you might experience poor communication or even complete loss of the connection. The fact that this type of wireless connection does not come with great coverage can mean you will end up experiencing `black spots` where no signal is available. As an example, there are certain buildings that were built by using steel reinforcing materials that block the frequencies used by networks. WIFI public networks come with a bundle of users connected. Hence, transmission speeds tend to be dreadfully slow, which can cause your devices to misbehave.

3.) Personal Detail Logins

Signing up to access free public WIFI can be frustrating when you have to keep inputting your name and email details in exchange for accessing the internet for free. You know you’re trading in your details in so that large companies and corporations can sell your data to other advertising companies. This is why you may receive spam emails from random companies promoting their services geared to what your interests, age and location are.

4.) Restrictions 

Free Public Wifi is normally located in only one venue or area. The moment you decide to move or walk outside you wont get that connection unless you sign into another Free mobile hotspot making it inconvenient when you are accessing Googlemaps or continue using your social media apps.

5.) Malwave and Trojans

While connected to a public network, it is best to avoid sharing files between devices. Some devices appear on the network with an unknown name, which means you can mistake them for the intended device. If you accidentally open file attachments from unknown senders you might risk installing malware or Trojans that can completely ruin your device.

Besides avoiding the connection to suspicious free public WIFI networks, you have another great option in order to stay safely connected to the internet. A rentable travel WIFI device is a cost effective and secure option for travelling abroad. By renting a mobile pocket Wifipalm before you leave Australia, it will connect you directly to a local cellular network so that you will avoid expensive roaming fees for data usages and cyber security threats. The devices are small and lightweight; hence they are perfect for travelling since they will fit easily into your luggage, handbag and pocket. Keep in mind that the costs of renting such devices is lower than using the roaming data provided by your home Australian mobile carrier. Hence, if you are looking for a cost effective and secure way to stay connected to the internet, renting a pocket wi-fi is the best way to go.

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