February 26, 2019



Why Rent a Pocket Wi-fi in Japan for 2019?

A popular option for many tourists to Japan is to rent a portable pocket wifi device before they leave Australia. The reason for this is that a pocket WiFi rental enables you to have ready access to data and the internet when you are travelling without the hassle of trying to find free WiFi access. Free Wi fi can often have dubious security and the issue of having to continuously find and then log in to each wifi hotspot can be a hassle.    

Pocket WiFi Rental Experience

When you rent a Pocket Wifi and stay connected in Japan, wherever you go, you get Unlimited internet access in Japan instead of other telecommunication companies offering Japan Prepaid SIM cards. Wifipalm offers rental users unlimited data that are Useful for Mobile Apps, and Pocket WiFi Rental Service for travellers coming to Japan where you can Stay Connected, Wherever You Go. The option to rent a portable pocket wifi is just common sense – after pre-booking your rental Wifipalm online before you depart from your home in Australia, you can logged into it once and then use the single device for your whole trip on multiple devices. When you return from your trip, all that's required to do is post it back to the supplier at the end of your visit from any red Australian post box. Renting a WiFi, Pocket Wifi device (Wifipalm hotspot) for Internet Access allows you to continuously throughout your visit utilise available internet access at your convenience at a cost effective price in both urban and rural areas of Japan.      

Japan Mobile WiFi Rental and Most Reliable

  A key tip is to plan to pre-order your portable pocket wifi rental at least one week prior to your arrival date into Japan. While many accommodation options have wifi available for guests, as soon as you walk out the door you will not have cost effective access to data and the problem is you really need it to help access the train timetables and to work out which station and platform you need to go to, as well as using apps like Google Maps to find your way around. On top of that, the language barrier in Japan will be hard if you don't have portable internet access to navigate the Japanese transport system.The better way is it to just have a portable wifi router you rent before your holiday travel trip.      


Best Portable Pocket WiFi, Router or Hotspot Rental Japan


The Pocket WiFi Wifipalm (Hotspot MiFi) fits easily into your pocket or handbag, allowing WiFi connection at your fingertips all on the palm of your hands.A good starting question is what is the ‘best’ pocket wifi rental option – this question will have different answers for different people. Do you want unlimited internet access? Do you want the best portable wifi modem? We know your looking for the best internet dongle and internet wifi plans out there however we also know you don't want to spend extra fees on conversion rates or after a long flight, wondering around finding a stall to purchase your sim card or wifi dongle from, especially in a country with no English.


Cheapest Portable Pocket Wifi Rental in Japan


The best portable pocket Wifi, router or hotspot to purchase is renting one back in your home country, saving you the time and hassle of waiting in line at airport pick ups. If you rent your WiFi before you leave Australia, you will land in the country with easy access to travel internet all with a push of a button in the palm of your hands.

Meet your Wifipalm, Your smart travel companion that provides you with super fast portable WiFi and convenience for international travel.
Wifipalm global WiFi hotspot keeps you connected around the world without the worry of roaming fees, unsecured connections or configuring SIMs.

To Rent a Pocket Wifi and stay connected in Japan, wherever you go with Unlimited internet access in Japan head over to our Booking page and BOOK YOUR WIFIPALM before you leave and have internet access the moment you land!


Cheapest Portable Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan for Australians


Rent a WiFi, Pocket wifi device (Wifipalm hotspot) for internet access from anywhere before you head into Japan.

Staying connected overseas is the most difficult technical issue Australian travellers face. It's a hassle navigating the minefield of roaming plans, international sim cards, local SIMS, rental hotspots, unlocked hotspots and the list goes on. Enough to suck out the living joy out of any trips before it even starts! Obviously no traveller, especially those travelling as a family on vacation would want a large bill from their home telecom companies.

By renting a Wifipalm in Australia before your travel, you are being offered a mobile hotspot of 'cloud data' (essentially an inbuilt international SIM card) with slots for using local SIM cards too. A great way to stay connected without spending a fortune. Check out the list below for the features and specifications.



Wifipalm Mobile Portable Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan Features


At 5 x 0.8 x 2.6″ (12.7 x 2.0 x 6.6 cm), the Wifipalm device resembles a smartphone in appearance, and is about the same length and width as an old iPhone. It’s double the height, though, and has a bit of heft to it, tipping the scales at 8.5 oz (240 grams). It fits into your jean pockets or handbag easily enough so you'll definitely know it’s there.

There’s a USB-A port on the bottom for charging other devices, and a micro-USB port on the right side for charging itself. The left side has a power button, plus a pair of buttons for adjusting the backlight and keypress volume.

As well as the inbuilt virtual SIM that works in 100+ countries, the Wifipalm also has a slot for inserting up to two local SIM cards, and you can switch between them all at will. The internal 5350mAh battery gives up to 15 hours of use, and in a useful touch, can also be used to charge up your phone or other USB-powered gadgets as needed. Using a decent wall charger, the device itself takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge.

The device supports a range of LTE frequencies, at speeds of up to 150Mbps, and will fall back to 3G or 2G as needed. Up to five devices can connect to its Wi-fi hotspot simultaneously all via the touchscreen.

Once your account is created and the device registered to it, log in to the device with that username and password and you’re ready to go. It ships with a little more than 1GB of global data included, and automatically creates a secured Wi-fi hotspot to connect your devices to.

When you arrive in Japan or a new country following, switch on the device, wait for a few minutes for it to boot and it will log you into the country's cell network. Once the icon is on, you can connect to your phone to use the hotspot and use it as normal!

Wifipalm speeds are usually pretty good and always usable unless in rural towns where there is no telecom towers.


Best Portable Pocket WiFi, Router or Hotspot Rental Japan Comparison


Being able to get connected as soon as you arrive in a new country made life easier, whether you have to call an Uber from the airport in Melbourne or Sydney, getting walking directions to your accommodation in Tokyo, or sending a WhatsApp message to your Airbnb host in Japan. It all “just worked”, which certainly hasn’t always been the case with other international SIMs and hotspots many people have used in the past.

To Rent a Pocket Wifi and stay connected in Japan, wherever you go with Unlimited internet access in Japan head over to our Booking page and BOOK YOUR WIFIPALM before you leave and have internet access the moment you land!

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