May 13, 2019

ROAMING IN THE USA- What is the the best solution to stay connected in the US?


International Roaming Alternative when travelling to the US


The United States remains one of the most consistently popular travel choices for Australians abroad, however if you are travelling with your mobile phone in the United States, it is not always cheap. As an Aussie travelling overseas, international roaming by many of Australian telecom providers - like Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone and Virgin Mobile all have very expensive call rates and internet data plans. Expect to pay somewhere between $1.00 per minute to make or receive calls or $0.50 per SMS sent and $0.50 per MB of data used (meaning that's $50 per 100MB, or $500 for a GB)! To cut the cost of having an expensive phone bill on return from your holiday, many of these Australian telecom companies now offer their customers the availability to purchase and activate data packs that can help save you money when travelling. For example, Vodaphone offers their customers $5 Roaming bundle to use on your phone, tablet or mobile broadband plan for $5 extra per day in 80 countries. So if your paying a $80 monthly phone plan with Vodaphone and travel to the US for 3 weeks paying an extra $5 a day roaming, you are paying an extra $110 on your monthly bill for your duration of your travels. However for all their plans, once that data usage is exhausted, additional data will be automatically added at a charge of $10/GB. If you are a heavy internet user who downloads a lot of emails, photos, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, access google maps, book an Uber- then all these data packs may not be right for you especially if purchasing Additional Data is not shareable if you're travelling with the family. Its also difficult if you are not with each service provider. Here we look at other alternatives when it comes to the best solution to stay connected in the US that allows shareable WiFi With Up To 5 Devices and which is Easy To Use.  


What is roaming?

Roaming is a mechanism used in wireless communication networks that allows the use of a cellular network service when you’re not a user of local network operator. For eg, you’re an Australian traveling to the US.  Due to the fact that there is no local network in this country, which is used by the Pole (for example: Vodafone), making calls in the US and using the mobile Internet is taken over by the US mobile operator. All this happens automatically, because roaming on the phone can be turned on and off with a single button in the mobile phone settings. The main drawback of this solution are roaming charges. Despite the very high utility of this form of connecting to the mobile Internet or making urgent calls - you pay a fee for each such connection to the network.    

How much does it cost to have roaming charges in the USA?

Roaming in the US can be very expensive. Just downloading 1GB of data or making an hour call will cost you a real fortune, sometimes to the five-digit amount! Just imagine, how much it will you cost you when only downloading an app update. When travelling abroad, people want to savour, capture and share every fantastic experience without worrying about hidden costs or searching for WiFi. Telcos that overcharge you to travel is such an expensive experience.    

Is there any solution for expensive roaming charges in the US?

Fortunately, there are many alternatives in the United States and for the mobile Internet access in the USA. You can make your phone calls via connecting to Wi-Fi, through the so-called Wi-Fi Calling, which allows you to dial numbers and connect to them through a WiFi signal. It is worth remembering about this method of making calls, because we can see that calling from USA for free is really possible. Yes - free phone calls from the United States to other countries. In this case, it is also worth remembering about mobile apps like Skype or Viber. Just typing in best sim cards for travelling in the US and you will have a list full so the Internet connection in the USA can be obtained in many ways. In larger cities, there should be no problems finding a public WiFi hotspot. In the same way, it’s possible to buy a SIM card in the USA.The problem here though is that you will need to hunt down telecom agencies when you arrive and source out activation processes and data limits while you're there. There have been many Australians, who have paid US $70 for a sim card only to not work either on their mobile phone or gaining activation in the US. You want the ultimate travel companion which allows you to connect to the Internet easily, without the hassle or major mobile phone bill charges.

Travel to the USA by renting portable Wifi Hotspot. No Roaming.

Before you even leave Australia, an alternative to roaming and Sim cards is renting a portable pocket WiFi device to easily connect across the United States with secure portable WiFi to share across all your technology devices using the latest hotspot designed to be the ultimate travel companion. It’s the one thing that removes multiple pain points at a time and as a result gives you the feeling of freedom, independence and peace of mind while out travelling in the unknown.
Why is such a mobile hotspot such an important tool when you travel? Because getting and staying connected is crucial for all Australian travellers and even more so when you are on a family vacation budget. If your not familiar with local conditions when abroad and rely on your Internet mobile cell phone in order to find your way such as the best local restaurant, sites, the weather, an Uber or Grab, a hotel or Airbnb then renting a pocket WiFi dongle before you leave is the quickest and easist way to stay connected to the internet on your smart phone daily while you're away.
The evolution of technology has made the internet and smart phone an integrated part of a person's daily life and routines that its a struggle not to have it, especially while on holidays. You can rent a Fast 4GLTE Wifipalm with Unlimited Data Anywhere You Go, Connect Up to 5 Devices, which can even function as a Powerbank. No SIM Cards Needed, Long Lasting Battery global WiFi hotspot connecting you around the world without the worry of roaming fees, unsecured connections of configuring SIMs. This is the best alternative to keep you seamlessly connected to WiFi, wherever you are.

Wifipalm as a solution to roaming in the USA 

  There are many options like a best sim card to use travelling in the US however the better alternative to not trying to locate or switch sim cards on your phone at all! Fiddling around with your phone when your at the airport trying to activate a Sim card is the most frustrating thing ever after flying a 12hour flight to the US! This is why before you even fly, carry your portable pocket WifiPalm with you on the plane just when you land, you are connected to the internet straight away. It is so much easier being prepared and having internet data the moment you land. Both making calls in the United States and connecting to a local Internet network can be facilitated by the WIFIPALM router. Rental costs are much lower compared to roaming charges in the USA. Let's compare: renting Wifipalm for one day costs about AU $12. For this amount, each user is given the option to use the mobile internet in the US without any data limit. You can also make calls via WiFi Calling on either Whatsapp, Viber or Skype while surfing the net and pay only for the rental service itself. Roaming in the USA looks much worse in this case. Downloading 1 GB of data is an expenditure many thousands of USD. If you download or update alot, you will receive a bill for the intensive roaming in the USA. Times this by every member in your family who's travelling overseas on vacation with you! Compared this with the router, Wifipalm is not only better in this case, but it is just a reasonable solution to the problem of using the Internet and making calls in the US (the hour of calls from the United States with an international caller costs hundreds of USD). What's more - on one mobile router you can pair several devices at the same time. If you plan a vacation in the United States or you’re organising a business trip there - remember to rent WIFIPALM!          



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