December 20, 2017



International roaming is a feature that we all hear about a lot when it comes to mobile phone smartphones. It is nothing more than the ability of one person’s smartphone to connect to another mobile network carrier while still using your main Australian network provider when travelling to overseas. There are many types of international roaming plans available between your own carrier and their mobile network partners which allow you to utilize your existing mobile phone number to make and receive calls, access voicemail, send and receive SMS as well as access internet data. However this is usually billed by your local Australian mobile service provider. For many travellers, both business and leisure, many have to end up using international roaming because they don’t know what else to use while their travelling overseas. Because of our digital economy, more and more mobile phones users are accessing the internet on their mobile phone device to gather information, research information, access email and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, while downloading videos, streaming live online content, movies and TV shows, access live games and apps. Due to the large amount of internet usage on smartphones, data roaming charges are significantly higher overseas then using your mobile at your home country.

Here are the 5 disadvantages when it comes to accessing International data roaming while travelling overseas


1.)  Availability issues

The home network may not have tie ups available in the destination that one maybe traveling to. In that case, taking an international roaming package will be a waste, when a person will end up paying the additional fees, and not getting any of the services.

2.)  It is expensive

While some mobile carriers may offer international roaming services for free, most of them are paid. The charges are usually quite higher than what your home network would be charging for similar services. Incoming calls may also be chargeable, and one can rack up quite a high bill over the days they are using roaming facilities. That is why, even though it may seem to be a convenient option, one needs to be prepared for huge expenses once they are back from their holiday destination.

3.)  Device compatibility

One of the major drawbacks of international roaming facility is the possible compatibility issue that you may face with your device. In certain cases, a device may not be compatible with the destination’s data and cell network. One would also need to check the frequencies that the destination network uses in order to deliver the desired services. In case the present device is not compatible, it would lead to an additional expenditure of buying a new handset.

4.)  Manual selection is necessary

In order to stay on a single network, a person might be required to select the network manually every time. This might be quite a hassle for travellers who are visiting multiple destinations. It is also difficult to remember the correct choice every time.

5.)  Inconsistent data speeds

Depending on the data coverage of the destination a person is traveling to, or the agreement that the home carrier may have with the destination's carrier, the data speeds may be limited to 2G and 3G. In this case, there is a marked drop in the speed that one maybe used to at home. In spite of the premium pricing, people face a number of issues with the various international roaming plans. That is why, a majority of the people are opting for alternate services such as portable travel pocket-wifi devices. These are not only more convenient, but also are often cheaper than most international roaming prices.  

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