December 20, 2017



It is now considered possible to travel without the Internet.

How? By finding free Wi-Fi hotspots.

You can see this in your own country when international tourists are going crazy over free Wi-Fi hotspots. Whether this is at a shopping mall, a café or an airport, people can be seen huddle around certain Wifi hotspots to utilize the free Internet services made available to them. It is obvious that free, public Wi-Fi access points are popping up in more and more places around the world.

Just a quick google search and you’ll be able to find a list of articles on how to find free Wi-Fi hotspots when travelling. The world’s largest Wifi database can be found by simply typing in free wifi hotspots and you would get a guide which lists the best ways to get free Wi-Fi Everywhere based on the 500 million hotspots around the world. Yes, Free public Wi-Fi access is on the rise.

The only catch is that you may need to buy a drink or snack and registered in your details for free wireless internet access. We wont get into the details of public Wi-Fi safety because we all know never to use public Wi-Fi when accessing your internet banking accounts however accessing free internet hotspots while travelling abroad may essentially mean that smooth travelling is not possible. What do you do when you need to utilize google maps when walking from one destination to the other? Anyone who travels often relies on the mobility of what his or her personal mobile phone offers.


These include:

Mobile data roaming (Using your current local provider to roam overseas)

Purchase a Prepaid SIM card (Arriving in a country and finding a local simcard to use)

Rental Travel Pocket Wi-Fi (Hiring a portable modem before you leave)

Of all these three Wi-Fi provider options, renting a travel pocket Wi-Fi like Wifipalm is discovered to be the best option out of the other two.


  1. Loads of data

Free Wifi hotspots are not readily available everywhere.

Imagine sitting at a café having access to your free internet hotspot on your phone only to leave to another area and having to registered your details all over again. What happens in between the time you get to find your next Free Wifi Hotspot when you are in need of the internet? When it comes to Prepaid SIM cards, they usually have limited data usage limits that require activation and constant recharging of SIM cards or topping up data cards which will costs more.

This is not the case for a portable travel pocket Wi-Fi. Not only is it cheaper but it also consists of volumes of unlimited data made available. In addition to that, the amount of data usage available is higher than what is needed on average

  1. Connects to more than just one device

    SIM cards can only provide access to the internet to one person. Sure SIM cards are cheap when travelling overseas, however it only works on one device- your own. A pocket travel Wifi rental can be connected to up to 5 different devices simultaneously. Imagine having all your gadgets such as your laptop, Ipad tablet and mobile cell phone all streaming together naturally? The compatibility of your wireless pocket Wi-Fi internet device is always a match with many of today’s gadgets. By hiring a Portable Pocket wifi rental, you will get a rental Wi-Fi which offers many options and quick trouble shooting facility so that your travel adventures are uploaded online without any trouble. Not only that you can also share it with your family and friends on the trip.
  2. Rent means little hassle

Getting an internet connection on the go without verification is the easiest thing to do. Renting a Pocket travel wifi ensures that there is little or no hassle of paperwork or any other documentation. You can easily pay for the timeframe you need and VOILA! You have all the maps and information about your next destination in just a few clicks.

Travel pocket Wifi is a lot better than buying a SIM Card because whenever you travel, sim cards require lots of unnecessary and boring work of registration and activation. By renting a Wifipalm mobile hotspot, you wont struggle with any of these and have the opportunity to share it.

  1. Save time and money

With a rental pocket WI-FI device, you will not not only save time but money as well. International Roaming is expensive, you would be shocked if you are not prepared for the extremely high data roaming costs that your mobile service provider bills. Its better to feel comfortable and not think twice when sharing a photo online with your friends or watching a video. If you’re an intensive data user, your battery may not survive until the end of the day. Staying connected all day long is important. It is a common practice that a Pocket travel wifi can attain signals in highly remote areas due to the portability of these devices catching the required waves. It is essential that speed is important when accessing internet. You can count on the speed of a rental pocket Wifi modem to get your social media accounts updated in seconds and have access to your business related matters instantly.

The Wifipalm device is user- friendly and has 4G connection and works well on most technological gadgets where even a 10- year old can just plug and play and start using the internet.

  1. No contracts

The best part about rental pocket Wifi is that you don’t have to get into a bond with a carrier. You just have to rent a Wifipalm, use them and return on your way back home. Hiring a pocket Wifi is easy as all you have to do hop onto the website, select your travel dates and 72hours before you leave, your Wifipalm will arrive in the mail. All you have to do is turn it on the moment you arrive at your travel destination. Travelling will never be the same for you or your fellow travellers anymore with a rental pocket Wi-Fi.

Our Wifipalm rental allows you easy access to the internet all in the palm of your hands

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