May 15, 2019




Smart tools which have changed the way we experience the world are life-savers for today's travellers. They add convenience to our experiences and keep most of our stuff organised on the go by solving our travel problems. Here are a range of travel gadgets in 2019 that are essential to just about every packing occasion required when travelling for any traveller. Besides your smartphone, these 10 cool travel gadgets will make your trips easier, safer and just more fun to have on your carry-on.  

1. Pocket steam iron

Have you experienced this feeling after few hours of ironing when you’re unpacking your luggage after arrival and you’re really angry because every cloth is creased? This is a major issue on the trips. Especially if you plan to travel with low-cost airline that have small luggage space. So there is mini steam iron - Steamfast. It has 3 heating levels and 420 watt power which is a lot for the device this small. Extremely valuable to use on business trips, camping and other situations which compel you to look neat and elegant every day.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

  Noise-cancelling headphones make it easy to tune out of your surroundings where background noise (such as when you travel on your aircraft!) will drown out any of the sound. Even though most headphones and earbuds can help drown out the din, headsets with active noise canceling have build-in microphones that help them almost completely block outside racket. Due to that, noise-cancelling headsets tend to carry a higher price tag than similar headphones that don't feature this technology. There is a range of wired and wireless noise-cancelling headphones of all sizes and price points hence its not hard to find a pair that fits your lifestyle best with less ambient noise or to signal to others that your're not up for socializing.

3. USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive comes in handy on a number of occasions while travelling such as when youre sharing a document with the hotel front desk to help you print out a photo of your passport when it gets lost of stolen or when you need to transfer a range of your photos across to make room for more holiday photos on your travels.

4. Mini-Tripod for your phone

Sick of having shaky videos and photos when your travelling? Want to stabilise and position your phone? Perhaps this Mini-Tripod for your phone will do the trick! It’s a mini- tripod-holder that mounts right into your phone’s charging point—and it only weighs 1.2 ounces and folds down smaller than a pack of gum. Streaming live video, connecting on video calls, watching shows and positioning your phone’s camera has never been easier now!

5.Pocket- size drone

In the last year drones possessed and revolutionised photography market for good. Imagine to have a drone the size of an iPhone 6s. Sounds impossible? While everyone was talking about small yet amazing quality Mavic PRO, DJI went further - they created even smaller and more handy one - Spark. 1080p video quality, intelligent flight options, mechanical gimbal and the size - these features are encouraging to buy this device every tech junkie who is looking for the best way to travel with a drone. Instead of carrying enormous backpack you can just put it in your pocket and film picturesque landscapes from above like a pro in every part of the world.    

6. Mobile portable hotspot & Power bank- Wifipalm

It’s not that easy to have no possibility to connect to the internet these days. Everyone is stuck to their smartphones as a major part of the day. WiFi in hotels, hostels and apartments is a standard but what if we want to stay in touch while wandering all day long outside the hotel room or we are sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere? There is a solution - Wifipalm  can be used globally around the world. It can be used by few people at once and it can be connected with up to 5 devices. The data is truly unlimited. It’s a must have gadget for every traveler, businessmen and tech geeks. Travellers will not have worry about searching for Wi-Fi again, instead, they can take it with them! Taking the guesswork out of traveling, this Wifipalm hotspot is reliable and portable. On top of that, Wifipalm also doubles up as an external battery so you can charge your phone while you browse the web.   Head over to our Booking page to hire your Wifipalm for your next vacation now by clicking on to this link START RENTING

7. Peak design tech Pouch

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is not your average tech organiser. The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a stylish and exceptionally made accessory that every frequent traveller must own. It has enough pockets and compartments for small gadgets, charging cables, memory cards, and any other accessories you might own. This is easily one of the most innovative tech pouches thanks to its superior organisation, well-thought-out design, and solid materials. That said, it might not work for everyone as it doesn’t handle large items well and doesn’t compress due to its rigid structure. In saying that it has room for two USB multiplugs, a large 26,000mAh battery pack, several six-foot USB-C cables, Lightning cables, several micro USB cables, an iPhone charging cable, several flash drives, some pens and a small notebook - and there's still plenty of room and pockets for more. Crafted with an exterior of recycled nylon, the Peak design tech pouch has a weatherproof finish.  

8. Transparent bubble tent

Imagine laying down at night with love of your life, watching sky above you but still separated from mosquitoes, spiders and grizzly bears. So there is a transparent bubble tent! We all know that uninvited guests such as wild animals and bugs can ruin romantic atmosphere at once. The tent is made from UV-reflecting recyclable materials which are indestructible and extremely good quality. All the family can fit in it! Confronting wildlife in homelike place may be great idea to spend few days in the suburbs.

9. All-in-One universal travel plug adapter 

  If you visit often different continents this is the very needed item for you. It’s definitely easier to take one plugin instead of 3 or more if you’re on journey around the world. This gadget can be used in 150 countries in the world! It’s so cool! Make sure your choice has fast charging USB plug also. It will make your international trips more convenient! Remember to choose wisely - some of these plugs might not convert electrical output current and voltage.  

10. Utility Card sharp knife in shape of Credit card

The Card Sharp Knife unfolds into a useful and handy knife. Though heavy utility knives are a bit old fashioned and relic, the utility knife in a shape of credit card is lightweight and thin so it can be inserted into your wallet and used to chop tomatoes, open a beer or chop off bark to make yourself a bonfire. You can choose from classic Victorinox SwissCard, Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 or Wallet Ninja. It's just a matter of your preferences. It’s also a perfect gift for backpackers and adventurers.    

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