July 31, 2016


Wifipalm global WiFi hotspot keeps you connected around the world without the worry of roaming fees, unsecured connections or configuring SIMs.

How does it work?

Meet your Wifipalm, Your smart travel companion that provides you with super fast portable WiFi for all your international travel needs.

WifiPalm will only charge you based on the number of days you are travelling, not on the amount of data that is used. Similar to booking your Airbnb & hotel accommodation, you are only required to book your WifiPalm for the number of days that you are abroad!

When should I book?

Our customer service and dispatch team would prefer you to book 28 days in advance due to the demand of WifiPalm and the logistics of our warehouse and shipping couriers.  I guess you could say, first in, first served. With the growing popularity of our WifiPalm pocket devices, we want you to be sure that an available portable WifiPalm is made available to you on those travel dates. However within staying that, Bookings can be done within one week before your flight by clicking on our rental purchase calendar and checking if our WifiPalm to the country you are travelling too is available. If so, then just type in your travel dates, select your country destination, read the Fair Use Policy and terms and condition then pay at the end. You will then be sent an confirmation email of your order and a dispatch shipment tracking number of your delivery.

e.g. Lets say you will be travelling to Japan on the 5th October to 12th October.

    1. Pre-Book and secure your WifiPalm for your intended trip. Simple go through the order form, and you will receive an email confirmation once the order has been processed.
    2. Your WifiPalm will be delivered to your door 48 hours prior to your departure.
    3. Switch on your WifiPalm the moment you land and Stay connected on your trip.
    4. Simply pack your WifiPalm in our provided shipment satchel and drop it off at any RED AusPost postbox the moment you’re back.
    5. That’s it! Your done!


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Any Questions? Send us an email and our team will get back to you

Our value customers, please stay safe during these unusual times! WifiPalm will continue to focus on providing VPN access for our Overseas users to stay connect to the world securely

** Please email vpn@Wifiaplm.com.au for more information Or visit our shop! **