July 18, 2016

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Before shooting us an email, have a read of the below general questions in case we may have already answered it.

So, What is a Pocket WiFi?

A Pocket WiFi is a portable wireless modem that is portable enough for you to easily hold in the palm of your hands or tucked away into your backpack or pocket. Small as the size of your wallet, it allows you to connect to any WiFi enabled device (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to the Internet.

Our WifiPalm gives you easy access to secure, consistent and high speed internet connection while travelling overseas, keeping the hassle out of fiddling with sim cards and high data roaming charges.

Cool, But will it work on any device?

WifPalm will work with any Wifi enable device from 2008 onwards because of course, we like to think your keeping up with the times!

Enable devices such as laptops (Mac & Windows), Tablets (iPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy) or Smartphones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry) will work perfectly with our wifi pocket modem.

Did you know that our WifiPalm can connect up to 5 devices at once? Yup! All on the go too!

Totally Getcha! So like, What about the battery life? Do I need to recharge WifiPalm everyday?

That’s like asking a question whether you charge your normal Mobile cell phone everyday. Yes, we recommend it would be wise to.

A fully charged battery lasts roughly around 9-10 hours while in use (meaning actively on GoogleMaps & social media . etc) and up to 20 hours when your device is on standby.

If you check your WifiPalm case pack, you would of received a wall outlet & USB 2.0 cable. This is what you would use to recharge your WifiPalm device.

I am guilty of downloading/uploading alot! I can’t help it. I’m popular! Will WifiPalm’s speed be good to do this?

Please note that under our company’s Fair Usage Policy, users of WifiPalm are advised to only access the internet under normal fashion. Yes it’s unlimited data, however WifiPalm’s speed & connection are dependent upon coverage of the area you are currently located in.

In normal circumstances, the download/upload speeds are roughly 7.2/ 5.76 Mbps.

With this speed, you will have no dramas upon checking your emails, browsing the internet, using Google Maps, accessing social media apps as well as Instagram /Skype/ WhatsApp/ SnapChat 

If available in the area you are heading too (Metropolitan Areas), WifiPalm may connect you to a much more faster network such as HSDPA/LTE. In this case, you may be lucky to experience download/upload speeds of up to 12/7.8 Mbps.

If I connect my WifiPalm with 5 other devices all at once, or share it with 5 friends, will it slow down my speed?

We aren’t going to lie – It may do so.  We have tested our WifiPalm’s devices and depending on the coverage of the area, it won’t. However we have to put in a disclaimer here and say that you may result in a noticeable speed slowdown if you do connect to 5 devices all in one go.

Obviously it will still work, but just like sharing your home phone line with 5 other people in your neighbourhood at once, you will get a congested internet connection.

Speaking about phone lines, will I be able to make calls using WifiPalm Pocket WiFi?

No. WifiPalm cannot make normal voice calls since they are different lines of communication networks. So normal cellular phone calls/SMS/MMS are out of the question.

However WifiPalm does allow you to use your phone by means of WifiPalm’s internet data to instant message and VoIP call with iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Viber and GoogleHangouts.


I’m traveling to a range of different countries all over the world at once, how many devices do I need?

If you are traveling to multiple countries around the world, all you’ll need is one WifiPalm handheld pocket device. That’s right, just one.

You do not need to carry a range of different modems!

Contact our customer support and you will be given a special WifiPalm that allows you to get internet access where ever you go, where ever you are!

What countries do WifiPalm services cover?

WifiPalm currently only offers limited services to Asia. We are currently working on our other coverage areas around the Globe so expect to have more destinations on our list in the very near future!


Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand

Europe – Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon!

North America – Coming Soon!!

Canada, United States

Oceania – Coming Soon!!

New Zealand, Fiji, Guam

Can I use my pocket wifi outside its intended destination?

WifiPalm pocket Wifi is not meant to be used outside its intended destination, and doing so may result in surcharges.

Please contact us beforehand if you intend to do so. To test the device, you can turn it on and connect to it, however be cautious that you are not using the internet while doing so (i.e. disable emails in background etc.).

What is the WifiPalm’s coverage like?

Wifipalm partners with a range of worldwide network operators to ensure that you will always have the best and fastest data internet connection made available to you.

Populated areas such as metropolitan cities and towns will always have great coverage however if your travelling in uninhabited or rural areas then its best that you email one of our customer service team members to verify coverage.

How does coverage affect data speed?

In general, the better the signal in your area (indicated by more reception bars), the faster the connection speed should be.

What if there is no coverage where I am traveling to?

If your travelling to a location where there will not be any data network coverage then you can cancel your rental with no cancellation fee.

My WifiPalm isn’t working, What can I do?

In our WifiPalm case, there is a quick troubleshoot guide to help you with any basic problems that you may be encountering.

If that doesn’t assist you then contact us immediately and let us know.

Our customer service team will be happy to troubleshoot any one of your dilemmas by asking you further questions to assist you in the process of better connectivity. We strive to provide customers 100% satisfaction when using our WifiPalm service since we know how important internet access is when being abroad.

Sometimes weather conditions, lack of coverage or Wifi congestion can hurt your internet access. This will be out of our control however we strive on making the situation better and assisting you to solve  your device’s problem.


How do I book WifiPalm for my trip? How long should I book WifiPalm for?

o book your WifiPalm, simple click on the “BOOK NOW” button, and you will directed to our product page. Select the required country you will be travelling too and confirm all your details and payment.

WifiPalm charges you based on the number of days you are travelling, instead of the usage of data consumption.

e.g.  Let’s say you will be travelling to Japan on the 5th October to 12th October.

  1. Book and secure your WifiPalm for your trip. Simple go through the order form, and you will receive an email confirmation once the order has been processed.
  2. Your WifiPalm will be delivered to your door 48 hours prior your departure.
  3. Switch on your WifiPalm the moment you land and stay connected while you enjoy your trip.
  4. On return, simply pack your WifiPalm in our Shipment satchel and drop it in any RED AusPost postbox.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.35.06 am

When should I book? (How far in advance?)

To ensure your WifiPalm is available for you on your selected dates, we highly ask that you place your order at least 5 days prior to your travel departures.

Just like booking a hotel or Airbnb, the sooner you let us know, the better we can accommodate your travel needs.The moment you’ve booked your travel flights & hotel plans, remember to pre-book your WifiPalm to avoid disappointment and unnecessary stress.

Remember we want you to be stress free while you are on your travels!

For last minute orders, please contact WifiPalm via Email or Chat directly so we can organise a quicker method delivery through our website.

**During peak seasons of travel, we may experience low levels of rental stock due to high demands. Therefore, it is important that you pre-book your WifiPalm as soon as you know when you’ll be travelling.**

Upon placing an order, when will the pocket wifi arrive?

Your WifiPalm is guaranteed to be delivered 2 business days before your chosen rental date starts. If you need the device earlier, you need to indicate an earlier rental start date.

But I’m travelling the next day? Can I place a last-minute order?

For last minute orders, please contact WifiPalm via support@wifipalm.com.au or LiveChat directly with us via our website so we can organise a quicker method delivery through our website.

WifiPalm can organise a urgent next-day delivery, dependent on what state you are located in. Please remember to contact us at WifiPalm for more details.

We are always here to help!

What emails will I recieve from WifiPalm?

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive emails with important information regarding your rental. For this reason, please make sure the email you provide (in the shipping section) is one you check regularly.

If necessary, you can contact us and provide an alternate email address after placing an order.

What if I provide the wrong shipping address?

Please contact us immediately so we can verify your shipping address. Once a package is sent out and the address is incorrect then you will be contacted by the relevant courier delivery service upon the first delivery attempt. Any redelivery costs will be charged back to you. Furthermore, if you request a change to the delivery address after we’ve already shipped your unit, then there will be a small penalty fee.

What shipping options are available to me?

You can choose to have your pocket WifiPalm shipped to your home address before you depart, or have it shipped directly to your PO Box or workplace.

Authority to Leave?

There is an option in the Order Page where you can authorise the delivery to be left at your address.

If you have chosen this option, it will allow our courier agent to leave the shipment at your front door/post box. However please be mindful that if a courier leaves a shipment in your mailbox or front porch step and it goes missing, then you will incur a penalty for the device.

How can I request a special delivery?

If you would like to have specific delivery requests, please email us at support@wifipalm.com.au before placing your booking so we can make the necessary arrangements.

How can I return WifiPalm at the end of my rental period?

There is a return shipment satchel within the WifiPalm Package when it was delivered to you. Simply pop it in the prepaid Postage satchel, and drop it into any one of your nearest Australia Post RED Postbox.

** Please remember to peel off your tracking number sticker allocated in the front of the return prepaid satchel. It is important that you have a copy of the tracking number for your own personal record**

How quickly do I need to return the pocket wifi?

To ensure that your pocket wifi can make its way to the next user in time, it’s important that you help us by returning it as fast as possible! We therefore kindly ask that you post your return package within 24 hours after your rental ends.

We will be flexible if this poses a problem for you however please contact us beforehand so we can work something out.

What if the device gets lost on the way back?

You are responsible for the safety and timely return of your pocket WifiPalm. For this reason, we always recommend using a trackable return method, which is already supplied within your WifiPalm package order.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking after placing your order. However, if the cancellation happens 48hours before the rental start dates, there will be a cancellation fee incurred.

Can I amend my booking information after placing an order?

If you want to change your rental dates or delivery details after placing your order, you must contact us and let us know.

Please contact us at support@wifipalm.com.au, and quote your order number.

We’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Is it possible to extend the rental period once it’s already begun?

The answer is YES. You will need to get in touch with us ahead of time (48 hours prior) to let us know that you will be extending your WifiPalm rental. We will try our very best to accommodate the change.

Please contact us at support@wifipalm.com.au, and quote your order number.


What forms of payments do you accept?

WifiPalm accepts card payments from the following providers; Visa & Mastercard (debit and credit), as well as American Express (Amex), Paypal.

When will I be billed? Will I get a payment receipt?

WifiPalm will process your order and payment at the same time. Once the payment is processed, you will received an email from WIfiPalm to confirm your order!

Yes. There will be a payment receipt attached within the order confirmation email.

What is the security deposit?

Like all other rental services, WifiPalm charges a security deposit of AUD$100 on reservation. This is to ensure the WifiPalm Pocket WiFI will be used and returned successfully & damaged free!

WifiPalm will refund you the deposit with 5 working days after the WifiPalm Pocket is returned to us in good working condition with all the accessories included successfully.

Loss & Damaged Fee

In the event of Loss & Damaged of our WifiPalm device, a loss & damage fee of AUD$100 will be imposed in the event of misplacing/loss or damage of the WifiPalm Pocket device.

If this has happened, Please contact us as soon as possible at support@wifipalm.com.au by quoting your order number (#xxxx).

Late Return Fee

A late return fee will be imposed if our WifiPalm Pocket is not shipped and returned within 24 hours after the rental date has ceased.

The late return fee will be charged based on the daily rental rate, (For the product you have) until the WifiPalm Pocket WiFi has been shipped and returned.



$10 / day

All Countries


If you are on this section, then you are definitely a whiz kid hungry for technical information or trying to understand some technical internet terminology.

What’s the difference between a megabyte (MB) and a gigabyte (GB)?

It’s a term normally used in the world of IT and computer jargon to describe disk space, data storage space and system memory. To explain this it gets a bit confusing. We don’t want to mentally drain you before your travels however you may want to know the maths side of things incase you want to check the stats of your WifiPalm data.

For a GB value from a MB value you got to divide the MB value by 1024. Don’t ask me why- you just do.

So for eg: 1024 MB= 1GB


3072MB=3 GB

How can I check my data usage?

Most of our WifiPalm devices will show you your daily usage on it’s main screen however there will be some WifiPalm modems that have not yet received this feature due to its modem availability.

But don’t worry, WifiPalm offers unlimited usage to all our customers. We want you to be stress free while on vacation!

If you still need information, please send an email query to our support team at support@wifipalm.com.au and they will be able to assist you further.

** Please remember to read our Fair Usage Policy on data usage 

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Fair Usage Policy is a set of rules imposed by ISP’s to ensure the availability of their service and that it is used in a reasonable manner, which varies from provider to provider. When the fair usage has reached its limit, the connection speed, in some countries, may be reduced by the local carrier. WifiPalm shall not refund any fees in the event where the Customer experiences connection issues that result from excessive data usage.

Can you tell me how much data browsing a website uses?

A normal standard web page will download between 200-500KB of data however if you are going to browse a website with a lot of photos and media content like videos and games then expect to be using a lot more data. And by a lot I mean, A LOT more.

Here’s a quick list:

How much data do emails use?

50MB is enough for 250 emailsAttachments however will increase this. A simple email with no pictures will only be a few bytes. Great when you have to check work emails!

How much data does Facetime/Skype call use?

Voice call on Skype: 4 KB/per second.Video call on Skype: 650KB/per minuteIn saying that, this will depend on your coverage- the video quality may increase or decrease according to internet speed so be mindful of thatFor 5 mins on Facetime calling by iPad or iPhone will use up to 15MB of data.


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Our value customers, please stay safe during these unusual times! WifiPalm will continue to focus on providing VPN access for our Overseas users to stay connect to the world securely

** Please email vpn@Wifiaplm.com.au for more information Or visit our shop! **