Delivery & Returns

August 2, 2016

Delivery & Returns

What is the payment method?

WifiPalm accepts credit/debit cards via Paypal (No Paypal accounted is needed)

Upon placing an order, when will my pocket WifiPalm arrive?

Your WifiPalm is guaranteed to be delivered 2 business days before your chosen rental date starts. If you need the device earlier, you need to indicate an earlier rental start date.

How do I receive my security deposit back?

Your payment is kept within Paypal until the whole process is finished. Wifipalm customer care will issue you a refund within three business days the moment your Wifipalm is returned to us undamaged. You will then be credited back your security deposit in the method you had initially paid with (Back into Paypal/Credit/debit card).

How do I return WifiPalm?

By simply packaging everything back into the protector case and sealed within the pre-paid satchel postal bag that was included within your shipment.

Then go to any Australia Post Red postal box and pop it into the box.
** Make sure to pull of the tracking sticker number so that you can keep tabs on your delivery return. **

*Please read terms & condition for detail subject to Terms of Use and Returns Policy

How can I check my data?

Our pocket WifiPalm have unlimited Internet access on most devices however if you are interested in a report of your daily data usage for future references, Please contact our Customer Service WifiPalm team.

Email us at support@wifipalm.com.au

How do I request a special delivery?

For WifiPalm to make the necessary arrangements for your custom order or specific delivery request that isn’t on our website, please contact our friendly customer service team before making your booking.

Email us at support@wifipalm.com.au

What if my device doesn’t work?

WifiPalm understands how important Internet connection is while you are away travelling and how frustrating it can be if you don’t have access. Due to this, our IT technical team will assist you with everything possible to allow your WifiPalm device to connect and work again within 24 hours . We ask that you contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you within the matter so that it does not spoil your vacation or take up your time.

Nonetheless there may be some cases where the actual Wifi router may not work due to its physical mechanism of the device, it has been damaged in transit or the country’s telecommunication provider. In these rare cases where these things cannot be resolved remotely, we will send you a replacement unit to your allocated accommodation destination. If for whatever reason our team at WifiPalm cannot fix the problem, and your not looking for a replacement unit, then we will happily provide you with a credit voucher on your next rental or a refund for the Wifi router being faulty.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, we are not legally obligated to provide refunds. However we will happily provide a refund, exchange, or credit where the device is faulty, have been wrongly described or don’t perform as advertised.

If your rental falls under this category and you would like to lodge a return, please email us immediately at support@wifipalm.com.au and quote your order number.

How can I contact you guys if the device isn’t working?

You can contact us on our Live chat system in WifiPalm Website http://wifipalm.com.au or alternatively email us (support@wifipalm.com.au) with your problem.

Our customer service team will give you a call within 24 hours.

What can I do if I decide to extend my trip and also the rental of the WifiPalm?

Contact our WifiPalm team ahead of the original due back date and we will make the necessary arrangements to make sure that you can continue to use your mobile Wifi data. You can either pay for the extra rental days on our website by selecting the extension days or speak to us about deducting the bond amount for each continue day use. We ask for you to contact us as soon as possible.

How quickly do I need to return my WifiPalm rental when I’m back in Australia?

Within 24 hours after your rental date ends.

This allows the WifiPalm team to receive and check the Wifi router for any cause of damage and release your security deposit  back into your account.

*Please read terms and conditions for late return fees.

What happens if I post the device back and it gets lost on its way?

When agreeing to the terms and conditions at checkout, you have agreed that you are responsible for the safe and timely returned of the rented pocket WifiPalm. If the device is lost during transition, your security deposit with WifiPalm will be void. Hence this is why we ask you to keep your return tracking number with you at all times.

If you have given us your tracking number and the device is lost due to Australia Post’s delivery methods, we will lodge a complaint with them to track down the Pocket Wifi. These investigation lodgements can take up to 30-60 days to complete. If this is the case, your security deposit will be held until the investigation is complete.

Our value customers, please stay safe during these unusual times! WifiPalm will continue to focus on providing VPN access for our Overseas users to stay connect to the world securely

** Please email vpn@Wifiaplm.com.au for more information Or visit our shop! **